MAX7456 problem

I have PlayUAV OSD properly setup with Config Tool. I had no problem with it.

However, when I connect Xiaomi Yi Action Cam, OSD does not overlay NTSC video feed from the action cam. When I power the OSD, I can see the NTSC video from feed briefly, but after a few seconds, the video disappears and only parameters are shown on my FPV monitor.

I did search the forum and this problem is due to MAX7456 which has compatibility issues. I have checked the OSD and found that MAX7456 is on the PCB.

I have some soldering skills and maybe I can replace MAX7456 with AT7456 if I can get one.

Is there any way to get AT7456 chip?
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my PlayUAV OSD works very nicely with the signal fed from Xiaomi Yi. Maybe you can switch to PAL? The only problem is that (sometimes? in most cases for sure) the image is flattened, and there are black stripes in the top and bottom parts of it.


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The New PLAYUAV OSD have been using AT7456 instead of MAX7546 since last year

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