Problem with playUAV and pixracer with PX4 stack firmware

i buy pixracer flight control and playuavOSD, i link all in right mode.
If i put Ardupilot firmware playuav work fine.
If i put PX4 stack firmware give me some problem. The information on monitor are incomplete and for example the alt information non working. The ground station software "Qgroundcontrol" give me a error always "IGM_MISSION_ITEM_REQUEST".
PlayuavOSD is compatibile with PX4 stack? How can resolve the problem?
I put the picture of monitor and ground station software.
Foto_22-12-16,_19_22_42.jpg Foto_22-12-16,_19_19_52.png
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Yes, PlayUAV is supposed to be compatible with the PX4 stack. But not many of the devs run it, so I would not be surprised if did not work well.

What version of PX4 are you running?
What version of PlayUAV are you running? Is it the latest? Do you get a version splash screen as shown here?

https://cloud.githubuserconten ... 5.JPG

If you do not get a version splash screen when first powering on the PlayUAV, you are running an older version, and you should upgrade using the configurator - see

If you do get a version splash screen, what version does it display you are running?

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