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For now I use some MinimOSD boards but consider changing to PlayUAV. It seems that the MAX7456 chipset supports cameras with a maximum of 650 TVL. I tried using a 700 and even a 800 TVL camera, and this brings a slight degradation: only half of the frame contain the OSD, which actually reduces its readability.

Now regarding PlayUAV, I've read the it contains also a MAX7456 for sync. So does this mean that the number of TV lines supported is 650 as with the MinimOSD?
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We use MAX7456 with the previous produced board. It does has compatibility issue. Someone suggest use AT7456 which complete compatible with MAX7456 and can compatible with more cameras. We have tested SONY 700 TVL camera with AT7456, and it worked well. Don't have a 800 TVL or more camera for testing. Now all the board produced are using AT7456 instead of MAX7456.

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