Batt voltage only alarm and H position in tmode panel

Hi Tom, just got 2 osds from bg, set it up, all good, I'll be flying with it tomorrow for the first time. While setting it up, I discovered the batt alarm is only for current. One of the planes I fly the most got only a simple voltage divider due to space, it's the most efficient home built I have, 15km/1A out of 5A so I don't feel I need to add a current sensor. Is it possible to implement a battery voltage alarm? I tried to set up the bat alarm but it keeps give me the low batt warning no matter what number from 0-99 I use I guess it's the remaining percent. The idea is if a battery cell dies or the whole battery decides enough is enough, the curr reading alone won't help.
Also the home position in tmode panel doesn't show the H or the W as in gui, is that implemented yet? Would've been nice to have it work, as I use to follow the heading a lot more while navigating. Also the idea of using just one channel for cam and page would be nice as another user suggested, one can setup a 3 way switch 1500 neutral, 2000 cam change, 1000 page change, or whatever.
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Manage to change the alarm from bat remaining to vbat,
//low batt
if( eeprom_buffer.params.Alarm_low_batt_en==1 && (osd_vbat_A < eeprom_buffer.params.Alarm_low_batt)) {
haswarn = true;
warning[1] = 1
working good, however if I try to change the warning for say 10.8v in the gui, saved to flash but when I read param its rounded to 11, I think the gui does that? so I'm stocked with integers, works though. I have rather poor basic progr skills I'm affraid. Also changed some alarms text, ex: low speed>stall, low altitude>terrain.
Uncommented this trying to get the home dir in compass view
// // Put home direction
if (rr == home_dir) {
xs = ((long int)(r * width) / (long int)range) + x;
write_filled_rectangle_lm(xs - 5, majtick_start + textoffset + 7, 10, 10, 0, 1);
write_string("H", xs + 1, majtick_start + textoffset + 12, 1, 0, TEXT_VA_MIDDLE, TEXT_HA_CENTER, 0, 1);
home_drawn = true;
the 'H' appears but it's fixed in the north position.

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