OSD crushed when switching to NTSC camera

I have a PAL board camera as Cam1 and a GoPro as Cam2. To record in 60p on the GoPro, I am forced to switch to NTSC which forces the SD image output from the USB port as an NTSC image, despite the HD format of the camera natively having no real concern about NTSC/PAL - its just 1080p60. So by switching to the GoPro, the NTSC switchover causes the OSD image to run off the bottom of the screen - in fact, it seems to wrap around and some of the lowest lines of telemetry seem to get displayed at the top of the GoPro NTSC image.

Is there a way the coding could be modified to map the OSD image space such that the OSD display appears in the same position on the screen regardless of PAL/NTSC?
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