Uart Baudrates, , Switches, Frame rates with Taulabs


I have a taulabs (Quanton) /PlayUAV combination, wich is done by mavlink also, running it unter PlayUAV Pixhawk configuration, Firmware Version 10.
Basic functions are working fine. But two problems left:
-No response for switches
(No panel change if a go very low with that Panel_Value (or Video_Value).)
-A very slow update rate especially with the artificial horizon. It looks like a frame rate of 2, maybe 4 Hz, much worse than what I saw in the pixhawk / playUAV videos.

So first guess was that the Taulabs Mavlink has a Minimosd-oriented rate of sending the data, but the attitude stuff is even slower than the 10Hz of the taulabs mavlink sending rate of the attitude data. (MAV_DATA_STREAM_EXTRA1)

10 Hz should look much better than what I see. Are there differences in the mavlink Protokols used here?

I tried different UART BaudRate Settings. It looks with every value the same, even with 9600. But what I find a bit strange: It always works, even with different values on the flight controller and the OSD. Is there some really strong Autobauding on the playUAV-side?

Are the switches triggered by the message_id's in the mavlink data streams or why can't I switch to panel 2 by lowering the panel_value to something near zero?

A debug Panel would be great, on wich just scrolls in what comes from the flight FC. But in the meantime it would be great to get some clues of what is behind that strange different Baudrate behavior and possible reasons for the bad frame rate.
Thank you very much!
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