Cam and Panel Switch on one Channel


I was wondering if it is possible to use one channel for the video switch and switching the OSD Panels.
My idea:

For example switch the video if the pwm Signal drops under for example 1400 and change the OSD-Panel if the pwm signal goes above for example 1600. Now you would only need 1 RX CH instead of 2.

As far I understand you currently need 2 channels to use all features of the OSD.


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Hi Sebastian,
Right. It should be more convenient if we put the two switch on one channel. Your solution sounds great, I will try it.
Best, Tom


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Sounds great!

3dsky - Flying with the best

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Just got this working, if anyone interested I'll attach a custom firmware with instruction.

3dsky - Flying with the best

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in board.c change:
"if((panel_ch_raw > eeprom_buffer.params.PWM_Panel_value))"
"if((panel_ch_raw < eeprom_buffer.params.PWM_Panel_value))"
then, in gui choose same channel for panel and video, a value >1500 for video and <1500 for panel.

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