OSD working on Gimbal camera feed but not on FPV Camera feed

Trying to get the OSD to show on my main FPV camera feed, but it only pops up on my Gimbal Camera Feed. In the video below you will see the issue (the grey screen with the OSD is the gimbal feed - the gimbal camera was turned off)
https://www.youtube.com/watch% ... tu.be

I have the PlayUAV wired up to my FPV camera (CCD Sony 700 TVL next chip 2090 - Linky) and my Feiyu Tech Mini 3D gimbal connected to my Xaomi Yi Camera.
  • I have swapped the VidIN1 and VidIN2 wiring and it still remains the same. Tinkered with settings in Misc & PWM and reflashed the firmware but still nothing.
  • I have confirmed its not an NTSC/PAL issue.
  • I have the video switch between fpv and gimbal feed on channel 6 and osd panel switching on channel 8.
  • I have also changed the number of panel screens from 3 to 1 so I could diagnose if the panel switching was causing this issue. It wasn't.
  • Reset the board. Nope
  • Flashed the firmware again. nope

Anyone have any solutions?
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Tom - PlayUAV

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It maybe caused by the camera not compatible with the OSD board, actually is MAX7456 chip. Can you show a picture of the PlayUAV OSD board to find if the board use MAX7456 or AT7456(compatible with more cameras).


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Hey Tom. My board uses the max chip. Sorry for the odd angle in the pic!

athertop - Self confessed geek

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I have the same issue. My FPV camera is a 700TVL (PAL) board cam connected as camera 1, and my GoPro 4 Silver is connected as Camera 2. My 680 Tarot Hexa has everything powered from the flight battery (via various switched BECs for 5v/12v etc, so when I power up the craft, everything gets powered up at the same time. I find that on initially powering the craft I get by board cam feed coming through with no OSD overlay appearing. I then switch to Cam2 (the gopro) and I see the OSD feed displayed OK, switch back to the board cam and no OSD again. Then if I pull the power from the craft and re-power it, the OSD feed displays properly over both camera images.

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