Telemetry Transfer on PlayUAV OSD Board

A very useful feature of OSD is to transfer the telemetry data to the ground station. The data can be used on Antenna Tracker like Quantracker project has already realized this feature.
Many thanks to Andy(project leader of Quantracker) who helps to implement the telemetry transfer via video channel for PlayUAV OSD board. The telemetry codes are located at Github repository(andy_dev branch)

For testing:

AirOSD board
You can upload the bin file to the AirOSD board or recompile the example "osd_telem_rx" with latest code at master or devel branch(both the quan-trunk and quantracker codes need to be updated to the latest)

PlayuavOSD board
Using the Config Tool to upload the telemetry sender firmware to PlayUAV OSD board OR recompile the code from Andy's repository (andy_dev branch)

If you build that and plug everything together, you will get some output showing the up-time(send by PlayuavOSD) from the AirOSD output (You can press reset on PlayuavOSD to verify the origin of the time). Here is a picture:

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Hi Tom,

Great to see this working on your board :). It probably needs a more impressive demo though .

With the basic demo transmitter code in PlayUAV OSD we can send up to 36 bytes per frame, so in PAL mode, that gives an equivalent ( to serial port) baudrate of 18000 ( 36 bytes * 50 ( per sec) * 10 (bits) ). Or in other words a throughput on the current demo of 1800 bytes per second. In NTSC it should be slightly higher(2160 bytes per sec) due to higher video frame rate.

That should be adequate to begin with!, though it should be easily possible to achieve at least 2 times that in PAL|NTSC mode by modifying the lines sent and yet more in PAL mode only, since it has more telemetry lines available.

Maybe it is time to try sending some useful data :)
So what needs to be sent and what is a good protocol for sending it?

At the receiver The Air OSD receiver can of course convert data into other protocols to send to other equipment and the the choices of output hardware at the receiver include USART, SPI, I2C, FSK ( audiomodem) and CAN. which should provide enough variety!

Tom, shall I set up a pull request ?


Tom - PlayUAV

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Hi Andy,

The LTM is a lightweight protocol for Antenna Tracker and is supported by popular FC/OSD like Taulabs and CleanFlight.

Alternatively, MAVLINK provides more information and has good compatibility with APM.

It is a good beginning. It will be great if you can submit a PR. Thanks for the effort.


jamie16v - gas engineer

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Hi guys, i have just bought a playuav osd and i am very impressed. I have been using minimosd in the past and i was not too happy with it.
my question is, can this be used to send telemetry data from apm/pixhawk to an immersion rc eztracker?. eztracker uses telemetry from ezosd and tinytelemetry so was just wondering if it will work?
i have connected the telemetry lead from the playuav osd to my vtx audio channel but i have not looked any futher into getting it working as i dont know if its possible yet.
it will save me a great deal in complication if it works as i have been trying to set up an apm tracker with an apm2.5 to control the AT via 3dr telemetry radio`s. there are way too many wires involved this way.
i just hope that with playuav osd it will work??
Thanks, jamie.

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