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Released V1.0.8
We are to publish the latest firmware which includes new features and some improvements. Welcome to take a test. The firmware and config tool can be downloaded at: ...

For testing purpose, please:
1) Use the config tool in the zip file.
2) Use the custom firmware(named playuavosd.hex in the zip file) from the File menu

The codes are available at: ... lease

So what is new?

1) Added ability and controlling parameters for reading RSSI value from a PWM channel value. This is a feature supported by various radio receivers such as those running OpenLRSng, EzUHF, etc.

2) Added a map-like panel to show home, way-points and UAV's direction. The "map" can zoom in/out automatically based upon the distance between points.

Meaning of "map" parameters:
Map_Radius: Equals half of the side length of the square boundary. The max value is 120 for NTSC, 133 for PAL. The square boundary defines the area of the "map".
Map_H_Alignment, Map_V_Alignment: to monitor the position of the way-point serial number.

Operation Steps:
1. Set and store way-points in APM/Pixhawk ;
2. Connect the OSD with your FC. Switch to the Map_Panel, and you will see all the way-points set in step 1 being displayed on the map, as well as their relative position(note: this step doesn't require the GPS, so you can check it before going to the airfield);
3. When your GPS receiver gets stable signal(2D fixed or above), the position and direction of your FC will be displayed on the map. And if you have your FC armed, you can see H(home) on the map.

The OSD only requests the way-points at the startup. If you want to modify the way-points in the FC, you need to reset the OSD.

3) Fixed the altitude bug. Previously with ArduPlan firmware, the altitude shown on the OSD was absolute altitude. Now we have changed it to relative altitude.



The map-like panel didn´t work for me.
I did the following:
- Programmed several spline waypoints and saved them to the copter
- download the new GUI and updated the firmware via online update
- programmed the map for panel 3
- drove to my airfield, waited for 10 Sats and started in stabilise and put the copter in Loiter
- nothing was shown,
- switched to "AUTO" but also nothing shown although the copter started the mission (as I believed that maybe the waypoints from mavlink are only send from the Pixhawk when the flightmode "AUTO" is active because also the distance to the next waypoint is only shown when AUTO is active)

Boundary was set to 0

Are there certain activation conditions for the map?


Tom Reply MPC561

Hi Joerg,

Sorry I didn’t state clearly in the previous post. I have updated the post and added instructions.

You should choose the custom firmware from the File menu. If the settings are correct, you can get the map. You can check if this works all right before go to the airfield. At the airfield, you will get UAV and Home on the "map".

Flashed the custom firmware in the zip with the new configtool.

Changed settings to:
Max Panel = 3
Map_Panel = 3
MAP_Radius = 133 (also tested 120)
Font = 0
Map_H_Alignment = 0
Map_V_Alignment = 0

Didn´t see anything on panel 3.


Tom Reply MPC561

Hi Joerg,

There are several possibilities:
1) Make sure the map can be shown on the GUI config tool. Save the settings to the "Flash" of OSD. Then read from OSD and confirm if it is right.
2) Since the OSD needs to request way-points from FC, both RX and TX need to connect to FC.
3) If your FC is APM2 with USB plug-in, no data is sent to the serial port.
4) Currently the OSD firmware supports 20 wps maximally. WPS above 20 will be discarded. And because the OSD requests wp one by one, it will take nearly 2 seconds to get a dozen of wps.

Hi Tom,

- Map is shown in the config tool
- Saved to flash and confirmed the flash procedure via read the data again in.
- The 7 WP were send via Telemetry 4330MHz and present (as the AUTO can be triggered via Mode switch)
- I tested longer then only several seconds.
- the cable between OSD and Pixhawk is the one I got delivered from banggood with the OSD, so the TX should be connected --> but this is a point where I should check. But this will also take a time as I would really open the whole copter...

Is there any other functionality which requests something from the Pixhawk via Mavlink? So that I can maybe check with this functionality that the connection via TX is working?

Hi Joerg,

If you used the cable from banggood and the connection is ok, the rx and tx should have no problem.
I just remember one of my pixhawk not show the map. I reset all the settings and re-calibration the sensor. After that it worked. I regret not save the settings to a file, so I can find where is wrong. So Please:
1) Save your settings to a file( I would appreciate if you can share the file with me and I can do the more test)
2) Reset all the settings and do the necessary calibration.
3) Set some WPs and test with OSD.

Hi Tom,
The reset was it. At least I see the map now. I had not the possibility to fly with it already and test how it works in detail, but this I will do later.

Attached you will find the parameter before reset.

But I think already, I know where the problem comes from:
I used a MinimOSD before. To get the MinimOSD working correctly you need to parametrize several parameters in the Pixhawk (for instance update rates for the GPS Position etc.)

This is done via the SR0_* oder SR1_* parameters. They were not at initial values but on the values needed for MinomOSD. I strongly believe there the problem comes from.

Hi Joerg,

I loaded your parameters to my Pixhawk and the "map" can be shown on the screen. I cannot figure out which parameter caused the problem. Any new findings from your side?


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