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I have a 12v front camera. i have a ts832 vtx and it supplies 12v power to the camera. I have a back camera Fatshark 600TVL. When i power on i get a scrolling screen. this is the back camera. I have that set to camera 2. I think camera 1 is not getting power to camera 1 so it is going to camera 2. I have the positive out of the ts832 running to the 12v front camera. the ground and the video from the ts832 is going into to the video and ground of output in the play osd. do i have to run a ground wire form the ts832 to and connect to to the ground going into the 12v camera or are all the grounds on the play osd connected and it will get the ground from play osd?

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I am trying to understand your wiring setup, but I'm not quite getting there.

Can you take a few pictures of your setup? We may be able to be more helpful then.

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