Pixhawk 2.1 / Mission Planner / Playuav OSD compatibility


I wanted to share an issue I encountered with Pixhawk 2.1 telemetry.
I share telem 1 between RFD868+ and Playuav OSD.
If I connect the OSD Tx to the Pixhawk Rx, then the connexion to Mission Planner get stuck at "Getting Parameters", the first one never been transmitted. As soon as I disconnect the Tx cable from OSD, everything works fine.
Does anyone have encountered that issue?

Thanks for your help...
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The PlayUAV uses both RX and TX lines - it does bi-directional communication to ask for information from the Pixhawk, for example information about waypoints. Therefore it can't share a UART connection with another bi-directional device like a telemetry modem such as the RFD868.

You've already figured out the solution if you simply must share that connection. Really it would be best if we had a setting that told the OSD that TX was unavailable, and it shouldn't bother asking any questions of the Flight Controller. But if PlayUAV is working for you without that change, I confess I'm in no hurry to make it, as there are many other more interesting (new features) and important (critical bugs) things to do.

I just don't want to be dismissive about your use case - it is a legitimate request.

Are you running the Tobias fork, by the way? (See here http://en.playuav.com/question/43 for information if you don't know what that is.)

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Hello StewLG,

I've just discovered your answer today. Thanks...
Yes, I installed the latest version of the Tobias fork through the Google App.
As I need the second Telemtry port for my Gimbal, I have no other choice than to disconnect the TX from the OSD.
As I also have some trouble with the camera switch, I will install an external one and use PlayUAV OSD only for osd.

Kind regards,

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