How to get the latest PlayUAV Configurator (Tobias Fork)


Tom Ren [] is, as far as I can tell, the sole designer and software architect for the PlayUAV board, and this site ( is the forum he set up for support. For the first few months after the site was launched in 2015 he was quite good about support. In November of 2015 - about one year ago - he stopped posting here, and as far as I can tell no one has heard a single peep from him. We hope Tom is still well, and we'd love to hear from him, should he read this.

In the meantime, some developers were working on patches, and submitted them to Tom's original software repository[]. When Tom did not respond to these patch requests, Tobias forked the repository and continued development in his fork. Since Tom had the wisdom to place the entire PlayUAV project under various open source licenses, this presented no legal or technical issues.

Since that time, myself and other developers have been contributing to what I'm calling the "Tobias repository".

So, have you fixed all the bugs?

No. But we've definitely fixed some of them, and it seems fair to say the Tobias repository is currently superior to where Tom left it. The configurator tool is definitely superior, and the firmware has had a number of long-standing bugs fixed.

We have discussed making the fork more prominent and obvious by giving it a new name, but I don't think we yet have the critical mass of stability and features that we'd want to launch a new name for the project.

I am not cocky enough to suggest that you'll have no problems if you fly the Tobias fork. What you will get is support Tom is not currently providing, and some new features only found in the fork.


The team follows this forum, and will respond to issues posted here, but here are some other places to bookmark, should this site disappear some day:

FPVLab Thread: ... xhawk

RCGroups thread: ... 03283

Tobias PlayUAV Configurator: ... rator

Tobias PlayUAV Firmware fork:

Google Store (Chrome) link to Tobias Configurator: ... ekcnb

I hope I've been clear. Questions welcome.
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