Black Screen

Im getting black screen when i connect the playuav to vtx and cam, and the pixhawk

i connect the camera to pin 3 & 4 and the vtx to 5, 6 & audio to pin 7 counting pins from left to right from the reset button.... am i doing something wrong ??

Cam and vtx is working fine when i connect it directly, so both are working....
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Do you not see an overlay too?
Does your setting for ntsc/pal match your camera?
also try using pin 1 & 2 for inputs, I think the input numbers are mixed up on the wiki

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Thank you for your reply

Camera is pal... but the screen is completly black as it seems to not get picture signal from the osd.. there is no overlay either....

i will try and put it together with pin 1 & 2 too see if it get a picture.. then i would see if i can get the overlay somehow as well.


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i have exactly the same issue as you,
have you find any solution?

i have too working camera ( PAL) and the TX also working
i have no image and no overlay when i go by the osd...
i have try several input and output for the video, try to find if something was wrong in the soft ( pal, ntsc...)
but nothing help.

the osd come frome bangood with firmare v 10 ( config tool say thats the last one)

i dont know what to try more...

hope to read you and fly soon..

best regards

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