Project status / how to contribute

Hi I would like to know what is the project status and I' interested on help developing hw/sw

best wish!
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Since everything has slowed down somewhat I started to pick it up,
you can find my fork here and the new config tool I build here

Pull requests welcome but please do read the readme once (regarding code/commit styles) ;)


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Hi Gnrc,

Can I help you and contribute with osd code? I have some experience with code c/c++ code, how can i start as contributor?

If you to wish, you can send me an email



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Sure, all contributions are gladly welcome.
To get started I think there are two things - a) install the px 4 toolchain b) choose what you would like to work on and give it a try.
If you need a hand just let me know.

Me and two other people who care about the project are running a telegram chat - if you care to join us let me know and we can figure that part out

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