Hi to all on PlayUAV

Hi to all on PlayUAV,

My name is Andy. I live in United Kingdom. I am a great fan of the STM32F4 microcontroller and all things FPV. I am currently awaiting delivery of my PlayUAV OSD board. The display is very good.

I love programming and my favourite programming language these days is C 11, though I also like programming in C. I have spent some time on constructing an antenna tracker for FPV and when my PlayUAV board arrives I plan to work on transmitting telemetry from the PlayUav OSD to the tracker using the video signal. I have already achieved this with my own development board that I have added to the PlayUAV wiki http://www.playuav.com/wiki/do ... start

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Hi Andy,

Welcome to PlayUAV. Hope more and more developers like you can join the community. Also thank you for adding telemetry transmitting to playuavosd. Quantracker is a wonderful and useful project. But I thought it is designed more for developers than for common UAV players, because it requires good DIY skills. However, if the STM32F4 discovery development board and the receiver section of the AirOSD can be integrated into one board, it will be more convenient.

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