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Please update the config tool or download the zip file OSDTool. Then update the OSD firmware using the config tool. The firmware update includes:

add - Added ability and controlling parameters for reading RSSI value from a PWM channel value. This is a feature supported by various radio receivers such as those running OpenLRSng, EzUHF, etc.
add - Added a map-like panel to show home, way-points and UAV's direction. The "map" can zoom in/out automatically based upon the distance between points.
add - Ardupilot V3.3 firmware supports maxium 16 channels(if your RC supports), it can be used for video/panel switch.
fixed - Fixed the altitude bug. Previously with ArduPlan firmware, the altitude shown on the OSD was absolute altitude. Now we have changed it to relative altitude.
fixed - Some display issues.

1. The home direction still has bug with the last update. Now it is fixed. Please refer to:
2. Add channel 9 - 16 for switch video and switch pannel. Please refer to :

1. Fixed the home and way-points direction issue.
2. Add total battery consumed since start-up in amp-hours.
3. Add total distance traveled.
4. The vertical position of scale bar(speed and altitude) can be adjusted.
5. Automatic change of the distance unit .
Metric: M - meter, KM - kilometer.
Imperial: F - feet, M - mile.


The versions of firmware linked on this page are no longer the latest. Please see here for more detail:

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